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Road to Fame is a new casual music-themed simulation game available for everyone on Facebook. The game tells the story of how a budding musician grows into a super star. Come to the Mow Town, a small village home to some of the biggest stars in the music world, and set off the journey into an unfathomable future.

Road to Fame

Road to Fame is a simple simulation title mixed with some strong RPG elements. It offers a fair character customization system, which allows you to piece together the looks of your avatar in the beginning and to change its outlook with a large wardrobe afterwards in the game. Once dressed decently in your room, you begin your life in the small town.

Driven by a simple story, the game starts with the gig show of your friend Brian. From him, you can choose your first instrument – keyboard, drumkits, microphone or guitar – as a free gift, and then begin the practice. You need to practice a lot, at home and at busking spots, to increase your skills. Busking at bus stop and bench in the town is a good way to horn skills, win recognition and also earn coins. At first, you can only play a short piece – you will hear the clip actually – at the busking spots. After many times’ performance, you will be able to play a medium piece at recognized status and then a long one when you are almost famous.

With enough busking, you will also win fans, those with a star over their head, who will boost your experience points meter when you click them to sign autograph. And that’s only a beginning. It’s no easy job to be a popular star. Better instrument, performance attire, fees for learning new things like genre songs, etc. – all these needs money. So you have to work your way out, though your dream is big and fabulous.

At the interval of your practice and performance, you will also receive various errands to run in the neighborhood. Clearing the basement or garage is one of the common odds, which eats up Energy quickly. You have a maximum of 15 points of Energy in default (if you don’t purchase the energy pack with hard currency), which are usually not enough to finish the aforementioned laborious work. So, here is the old same choice: wait or buy.

A tuck-in feature, to deco up your own jam room is also part of gameplay. Buy the wallpaper, fill the empty room with some stage building blocks, and add some embodiment with your personality. It’s a big room that drains your hard-earned coins or real money quickly.

The in-game graphics is not top-notch but above-average with appropriate animation. You will in the game shuffle to and fro between the various buildings in the small town. It’s designed in the same style as in Invincible Armada in that the detailed, magnified scene/internal scenery shows up as you approach the specific area. As a music-themed title, it is not surprising with background music always on, but it’s a little disappointing that it doesn’t excel in this aspect. As to the social integration, there is not much to say except the ordinary friend-invite and share-coins elements.

In conclude, Road to Fame is targeted at casual gamers who are not necessarily music fans. The entire gameplay is relaxing and simple. It doesn’t offer any aspiring contents new to the sim life. But if you want a moment’s break without any pressure, it’s a nice pick. And you won’t worry about sinking too much time in it, for the energy system will call time for you.

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