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Robot Rising

Robot Rising
  • Release Date: Aug. 23, 2012 (OB)
  • Publisher: Stomp Games
  • Developer: Stomp Games
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Official Site

Robot Rising is a new robot-themed title which combines role-playing and robot battles into the conventional strategy gameplay. Set in a sci-fi backdrop, the game allows players to control robots to explore in the complexes in the space fighting for resources and build a cool base to support the exploration. Upgrade the base, conduct researches to empower robots, fight enemies to collect resources, and engage in fast-paced robot fights.

Robot Rising Review:

You start out with small base with power lost momentarily, which requires a hard reboot. Access the backup database in the Master Control building, start building Teleportal, the structure you need to travel to-and-fro between your base and the complexes, and teleport your robot to the complex to collect resources and equipment. All has to start over. You are the Artificial Intelligence that controls your robot in combats and takes charge of the base construction at once. You are in Robot Rising.

Robot Rising_

There is not any back story to tell why the robot and the resource war are there. You are simply entering the game in the base and start the way most strategy titles do. In-game tutorial is quite helpful, presenting a brief overview about how the game is. Build the base, do the research to better improve the robot, and teleport to the dungeon-like complexes to collect resources that are needed in construction.

Unlike traditional strategy titles, Robot Rising is more emphatic in the role-playing and combat. You don’t build mines to harvest resources; instead, you need to explore in the complex to get what you need in construction, i.e. Alloys, Polymers and Conductors. You can choose to enter three difficulty levels of each complex and conduct missions from resource and storage locker collection to upgrading robots to certain level and challenging five Elite Enemies. In the complex, you will explore around, fighting different enemy robots and minion-generating machines somewhere and collecting dropped resources and various boxes containing consumables such as repair kit, mines and grenades.

It’s not mandatory that you must complete one complex to leave, but it’s advisable that you leave after clearing, for the entrance to a complex costs Energy. The complex and robot fights are all rendered with details, which add a lot of enjoyable to the click-only gameplay. While the exploration and combat are interesting in the beginning, tedium pokes its neck out of the door soon due to the limitedness of the enemy types, non-challenging battles and solo play. Yes, you don’t have real player rivals to take on, or real player teammates to party together. As you get familiar with the well-depicted complexes and combats, you soon begin to feel lonely and pointless there as you travel in the tiered complex.

With resources won from exploration and quest completion, you can improve the base, building and upgrading more structures and activating more buildings that function differently. To build the base is both quick and slow. While the buildings at the starting levels take seconds to finish, you need long time of exploration (or grinding) to gather enough resources required to build or upgrade a certain structure. Surely, you have the usual hard currency, Robobucks, to help speed up the construction and gain different advantages.

Robot Rising doesn’t really fit in to the social platform since it’s basically a single-player game. And it really needs enriching in playable contents, especially multiplayer experience, to be really interesting and enduring. It starts well but falls short soon. It has potential to be great but it is currently not.

Robot Rising Screenshots:

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