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  • Release Date: 2011
  • Publisher: Looki
  • Developer: playzo GmbH
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
  • Official Site

Every road leads to Rome; and it is true to the real-time strategy titles. Here is another that you know immediately from its very title, Romadoria, a free browser RTS game that places players in the role of commander in the Roman empires.


Romadoria gameplay is straight to point. Interface is somewhat similar to that of Grepolis with functional icons, information and quest line, and different cutscenes all placed together. Players follow the text guide and arrow point to quickly grasp the basic mechanics from the starting construction to other types of quest.

It’s not a game that demands long time commitment in one sit, which states obviously from the base building in the very beginning. Building a structure takes time, if not consuming the premium Wine for instant completion, which is compounded by the fact there is only one free building slot. Although players can fill in the long wait –lv. 1 Goldsmith takes 1 hour to finish, for instance – with other types of quests like finding-an-answer-from-the-game-wiki, there is still a lot of time when players have nothing better to do than to watch the paint dry if they insist. So it’s a game better enjoyed when players just drop in to set every project, construction, research or train, ready and then leave to take care of other business until next time’s return.

Game tutorial, if it is, doesn’t accompany players afar inside the game. Basically, it’s easy to sum up the basics; moreover, the quest line blended by the answer-question type also drives players to learn the game better via the game wiki. There, players can get the glimpse of the building tech-tree and learn the details like resources and weathers’ impact on units’ marching time.

Build, train and battle. That’s how Romadoria goes on, in a slow pace on the whole. In the Academy, players can research to unlock a wide range of units in four categories, e.g. Infantry, Cavalry, Siege and Defense. Unlike most strategy games, it pre-sets the maximum number of each unit rather than allowing players to define themselves. Training is even slower than building, so the army is really hard-gained. In another word, it’s not easy and can’t be taken light of to go to war. There are single player missions with winning odds in favor of players. Yet, it’s more enjoyable and profitable to be part of a bigger cause. That’s what the guild is for. Speed up the colony construction, coordinate attacks and watch back for each other.

Strategy genre takes up a large proportion in the browser scope, with diversified titles struggling to make an identity with striking features. Romadoria is certainly not eye-catching compared to lots of its contenders. No quick, instant battles. Traditional and patient is it.

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