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Rooms of Memory

Rooms of Memory
  • Release Date: June, 2012
  • Publisher: 6waves
  • Developer: 6waves
  • Genre: HOG
  • Official Site

Rooms of Memory is a new contender among Hidden Object Games. It starts the usual way with a manor with a missing host (your uncle) and pending secrets of the family (and the universe) to find yet, and continues to render the proven genre unusually with some nice twists. Fog-covered great Bellows Manor is going to reveal the mysteries of the universe to you.

Rooms of Memory_Libery

The game starts with the Will from Professor Bellows, in which you as the heir of his manuscripts and possessions are entrusted the mission of decoding his Diary and unraveling the mysteries of the universe. A letter at length, it offers a clear background in content, and also heralds the text-loaded narrative style that demonstrates in the following NPC dialogues and tasks descriptions, the task of finding the diary being the first.

You play the first scene in the Study with the goal of finding the Diary. But diary is not listed in the objects you need to find out among the arranged mess, but comes as one of the rewards after you complete the scene. It’s the same to other items required in quests. By playing the first scenes, you come to notice the difference of this game from the previous ones.

You need to find keys (or buy keys for coins earned by playing) to unlock corresponding buildings in the Manor. There is only one playable scene in one structure, contrast to the usual design of several different scenes in most HOGs, which is changed in a way when being replayed, though. So instead of re-entering one scene for more points or coins, you have to play one scene repetitively in order to complete quests. As mentioned, the scene changes every time you enter – object list is partially altered; to-find objects are presented in graph to replace words; and the placement of objects is changed into a new mess.

It doesn’t follow the mechanism of time-bonus—to-encourage-speedy-search, but sets for each scene a time period, within which you need to finish the scene to successfully complete the quest. Accordingly, it makes sense to add in the Hint Tool section a Phase Watch that gives you 30s of extra time for a scene. As to other tools, you will find the basic Bell that points out one object for you directly, and the revised Magnifying Glass in the form of a thermometer that warms up near the object, lasts for 15s and points at one object. Besides the default Day mode, the game is also designed with a Night mode that requires you to use a flashlight in search, which entails the Solar Lamp that turns on the lights in the Night mode for 30 s. Not only is the variety of help different from that of most games, the way tools are used is different too. While most games allow you to use tools with a cool-down once they are unlocked, Rooms of Memory doesn’t constrain the use of hints with cool-down only if you have usable hints, which means you have to gain Hints as reward by completing quests or have to buy them with Diamonds. The four aforementioned Hints are active in the beginning with couples of times to use freely, with one more – Hammer of Thor – unlockable for 20 Diamonds to instantly collect the first 3 items from the list for you.

Rooms of Memory is generous with in-game rewards. As you complete one scene, you receive the quest-required item, coins, XP, Hint gadgets, energy-refilling stuff artifact pieces and the miscellaneous. Although the game is set with the energy bar, it ensures continuous gameplay with constant refill of Energy by the special items like Soap Bubble Gun and Soda and direct x amount of energy per level up. As to the collected pieces, they can be crafted to artifacts once they fill in a complete set, which are helpful in the pursuit of your uncle’s research.

Rooms of Memory is overall an attempt to make something new out of the basic HOG mechanics. It alters a little in the bulk of playable scenes, though not welcomed due to the final repetitive gameplay perhaps, tweaks the Hints section to ask you to earn helps, and lifts the energy restriction. It’s still the hidden object game that you are familiar with, yet a new one that you will notice its difference.

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  1. ada says:

    i am having trouble with rooms of memory** can not invite players to play ada

  2. athena spire says:

    I cannot add friendseither. I have a huge friends list and I know people accepted my request but were never added. I think if you don't fix this people will eventually quit the game. Also, in competitions why – when you do not find all items before the timer runs out-does it keep starting the scene over and over and over and the only way out is to reload the page. Firefox FB user 100001974051632



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