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ROSH Online is really the return of Karos. It is not a brand new title, but an upgraded version of Karos Online, a fantasy MMORPG previously launched by NHN. Built on the established mechanics of Karos, Rosh Online makes the acclaimed gameplay even more so by preserving the core elements while tweaking to address issues. Rosh returns as an improved Karos.

ROSH Online

It’s still the old story. In the Broccion Continent, four races grew in peace until all expanded to the centre of the land, facing each other and fighting in wars due to their differences in looks, culture and magic. War lasted to the next generation with new lives growing up amidst all cultures and finally was ended by the leaders of a group that were called Rosh. Then the Kingdom of Asmara was established; and kings were elected from the Rosh Council. But peace was once again broken with the rise of the king from the Ismaul clan, which abuse its power to purge rival clans and abolish the council. Who will be the next Rosh to return peace to the war-ravaged land?

Players’ role is to act as Karos heroes to end the chaos. In-game characters are created based on selection from four races and seven classes (with Gunner added to the original six in Karos). Seven classes can be of great variety if they are not gender-locked – practically, players can select from four female archetypes and three male avatars. Customization remains simple and two specifications for each class are unchanged, with level requirement for advancing jobs lowered though.

Taking quests is still the major channel to gain XP and level up, and grinding is unavoidable, despite the faster leveling with more rewards. As usual, players unlock and upgrade new skills with points gained and distributed every level. Uniquely, players also accumulate Fletta, a form of energy gained from slaying monsters only, and get corresponding points via reaching a higher Fletta level that can be distributed to seven stats, including Yin and Yang and the Five Elements in nature, to facilitate abilities in attack, magic, health and critical hit, etc.. The Fletta attributes add another layer of diversity, which means more choices for players to develop into unique being with no twins in the game. Moreover, the use of Fletta also covers other aspects, such as the special buff known as the Blessing of Fletta activated when 10 FPs are gathered, and the Fletta Gem equipment capable of automatically upgrading and adjusting to best support the wearers.

To the standard dungeon exploration, a new type of excitement is added via the Extreme Instance Dungeon, in which players of the similar level group compete against each other to kill most monsters. PvP is improved and polished as well. One the one hand, level requirement for free PK is raised, from the original Lv. 10 to 35, which creates a fairer playground by narrowing the level gap between competitors; and on the other, not only is arena-based battles available, but Guild vs. Guild siege war is also to come.

In addition, well-armored mounts can be summoned to shorten the traveling time; pets can be gained to help collect items and boost refill of health and mana; and powerful and unique gears can be collected from activities like mining, fishing or hunting and combined with stones to become stronger via enchantment. And the detailed beautiful world won’t be missed.

Rosh Online is an attempt to offer better gaming experience of an already good title. It does address several cons of Karos, but doesn’t bring anything innovative to make the game anew. On the whole, it’s an improved title with some nice changes for Karos fans, and a good choice for those in search of enjoyable fantasy.