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Royal Story

Royal Story
  • Release Date: Jan. 2013
  • Publisher: Fun+
  • Developer: Fun+
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Official Site

Royal Story is a new casual game that just hit the scene. It tells the story of a royal member, a male or female heir to the kingdom, who has just awaken from deep sleep to restore the kingdom to its former glory.

Royal Story

It’s quite a conventional fairytale styled beginning with an evil sorceress who cursed the land and an awakening princess/prince to change the destiny of the miserable people. Despite the royal status, you, the heir and leader of the kingdom, will work hard, laboring in the field and caring for all living creatures there.

Yes, it is in the core a building and farming simulator. You will clear the grass, rocks and trees to get materials, plant crops, vegetables and fruit trees for food and cooking ingredients, take care of animals like cows and chickens to get product, build various working houses and machines, and produce different finished products and sell them for money. Like the Family Farm made by the same developers, Royal Story also has the supply chain-styled gameplay. You plant and harvest clovers, the food for cows, which in turn produce milk that can be used to make café au lait (with coffee beans) or Cheddar Cheese (in the cheese machine). When you grow and get corns, you can feed the chickens which then lay eggs you can sell for coins.

From farming to husbandry to production, you have a long list of chores to take care of. While the game is categorized into the adventure genre by its developers, it only contains a small portion of adventure them in the shallow level. You may take on one or two monsters that run into your land occasionally, clear the burned trees by the black magic, or explore to the adjacent areas initially covered by the dark cloud. Before you can venture into the dark area, however, you need to unlock them first by meeting the few requirements in EX level, gold coins, certain products and specific amount of materials, etc.. And when you finally enter a new area, you will encounter new characters and animals that further propel the main story.

Royal Story also incorporates the similar Energy system, which decides the game pace. Generally, you need to wait for the slow recharge of energy (if not by instant refill with premium Rubies) once you’ve arrived at level five. As usual, Rubies offer a wide range of advantages from immediate completion of tasks to instant ripening of crops, from earlier access to certain items to direct entry of locked areas.

Royal Story offers colorful graphics and solid gameplay. If you like Family Farm and other similar simulation titles, you will have a lot to like in the new game. Yet, you won’t be able to find anything new that gives it an extra plus.

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