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Let this summer be tinged with some Spanish flavor. If taco is not one of your favorite, Rubber Tacos perhaps will be. Not a kind of food certainly, but an upcoming hot and bouncy game in multi-platform including Facebook,, iOS and Android.

Rubber Tacos

Rubber Tacos is a new game revealed at the Zynga Unreleased 2012, the first third-party title developed (by Montreal-based Sava Transmedia) for Znyga. In this bouncing adventure title, you will take control of several members of a family, getting them to required destination while retrieving all the peppers stolen by the crazy piñata.

Basically, it requires the accurate control of avatars to land them safely down a set of ropes to the final destination. With over 120 levels to brave through, difficulty increases with level up, while new features unlocked to bring more interesting and challenging gameplay, such as the ability of changing the positions of the various ropes to facilitate successful bounce. In addition, every family member has his/her own special power, which can be used to perform certain antics and tricks. For instance, with the power of anti-gravity, your character can reach out to certain peppers in the air rather than on the ground. Learning curve exists, so that you need to make full use of what you have to overcome the ever-increasing challenge.

Another noticeable is the level editor, by which you can create and share your own levels for all to play. With the tool, you can create really difficult levels that fail large crowds of challengers, but not that difficult to fail all, due to the fact that you have to complete your level successfully before saving it to share.

Rubber Tacos is the first Znyga game developed not by Znyga, and a promising title that will bring brand new gaming experience perhaps to a different player community. Release date is unreleased, and it’s just “coming soon”.