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Ruby Rush

Ruby Rush
  • Release Date: Dec. 30, 2013
  • Publisher: Eva Studio
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Official Site

Ruby Rush is a colorful and addictive puzzle game on Facebook with a twist to the traditional matching-3 gameplay. It blends the classic match-3 mechanics and the Fruit Ninja elements together creating a solid and special matching fun.

The story of Ruby Rush is around the chasing of two miners, an honest mole and a sneaky fox. They mined a load of shiny rubies together but the fox stole some away secretively. You will help the mole to catch the fox chasing him down from level to level and get back all stolen rubies in the long underground tunnel.

Ruby Rush

Ruby Rush plays the same way with many other games basically but adds a ‘catching’ procedure. You make matches of rubies of the same color in rows of three of more to pop them out of the board and then catch all the rubies before you make the next match. The matched rubies will bounce about on the board and must be collected by moving your cursor across them. Around the chasing fox storyline, the game goal for all levels is focused on collection of various rubies, rings around gems and so on within limited moves.

While the game objective is single, every match plays differently due to the varying board shapes and newly appearing special tiles. As you chase down the fox to the depth of the tunnel, you will play levels with increasing difficulty and start noticing several helpful power-ups. Power-up items offer generic effects: clear a whole column or row of rubies, blast off an area, extra moves and the alike. You have couples of free supplies of each power-up and can purchase more for real cash. Or you can create the special rubies by making bigger matches like L/T-shaped combinations and four or five in a row, which will generate the similarly effects.

Ruby Rush implements the Life system. You have five lives to use and lose one every time you fail a game. If you invite friends to play, you can extend the maximum to eight. The life bar will recover over time and like the power-ups you can also purchase immediate package for continuous play.

In conclusion, Ruby Rush adds a special ruby collection element but is on the whole still a conventional match-3 puzzler. If you are looking for one more casual game with casual fun, Ruby Rush is a not bad choice with its solid matching-3 games, lovely animation and lighthearted atmosphere.

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