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RunBot is a brand new sci-fi endless running title created by Spanish-based Bravo Games and published by London-based Marvelous Games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

RunBot takes place in the futuristic cyberpunk city in the year 2371 and stars an artificially intelligent weapon-armed machine that runs for its life from his evil corporate creators. In the game, players will control the RunBot to escape the chasers on the ever-changing rooftops through a 3D mega city.


Typical in games of this type, players need to use intuitive touch and swipe motions to control the running robot to avoid various obstacles from narrow electrified fences to vast gaps. All will be rendered in a Parkour style. And true to its sci-fi setting, the game incorporates some fresh and cool features of its own. Players will be able to unlock and utilize a series of special abilities of the RunBot and meanwhile use a plethora of weapons from laser to missile along the way. Moreover, with the integration of 3D freefall design, players not only need to respond quickly to evade the forthcoming danger but also have to watch the depleting power gauge of the RunBot. RunBot consumes power to keep active and players need to collect the scattered battery packs along the way to keep the machine live.

There are two distinct modes, casual and hardcore, which offer flexible choices for players of varying skill level. Besides, the game also features a lab where players can use collected spare battery to upgrade the power, defense and abilities of RunBot. As for the social interaction, players can compete against friends via Facebook.

RunBot is now available as a free download on the App Store.