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Running Quest is a story-driven Endless Running game mixed with action and RPG concepts that is going to release for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Players in the game are not the usual fugitive running from something evil but the pursuer who chases down a rogue and traitor named Nimus. The betrayer turned his back against his fellows and state running away with the stolen Stone of Shattered Planes in an attempt to unlock a sealed world of monsters upon the land of Agarom. To thwart the scheme of Nimus, players need to capture him and stop his destructive plan.

Players can choose from two characters and will dash through four distinct worlds to complete the mission. Players will chase down the traitor through a variety of landscapes from the bright lands with trees and castles to the muddy waters and swamps, from the mysterious and mechanical realms to the maze of tunnels. In varied terrains also scatter different enemies including the mercenaries, goblins, carnivorous plants, dragons, gnomes and metal pieces, etc..

To confront enemies, players need to rely on their running and jumping skills, fast reflex and also powerful armor sets & weapons. The aforementioned two characters are uniquely equipped with distinct battle style and abilities. By enduring the tests in various battlefields, they can also upgrade their armors, weapons and skills.

Running Quest is a promising polished hybrid game with endless runner, action and RPG genre mixed together. It has a scheduled release in early 2014. Price is not announced yet.