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S4 League

S4 League
  • Release Date: 2008(EU/NA)
  • Publisher: alaplaya(EU/NA)
  • Developer: Pentavision
  • Genre: Action Shooter
  • Official Site

S4 League is a sci-fi anime-style MMO shooter set in a fantasy universe rendered 3D. The game features rich variety of outfits and skills, diversified game modes and a large arsenal of weapon and gadgets, which combine to make a fast-paced, action-driven gameplay. To fight alone or team up with others, you choose your own style.

S4 League

Graphics is stylish and polished; back music is original with beating rhythm; and combat is just satisfactory. You can get new weapons in shops and keep it for x amount of time. Weapons are in large number and good variety, with melee weapons like dagger and sword included as well. Before getting one piece, you have to pass a license test, which is in fact a tutorial about how to use the weapon. It’s helpful and friendly for beginners, though complained a little bit by old hands knowing guns and knives well enough. As for the duration of ownership, it’s more satisfactory than in most games, since it expires only after you actually use that weapon for the pre-set time.

A handful of game modes are offered, with Deathmatch and Touch Down (a variation of Capture-the-Flag) being the most popular. Rules and winning conditions differ from one another, but invariably present fast and animated shooting competitions. You can perform some acrobatic skills like jumping over walls and dashing, etc. and unleash the power of sci-fi style skills such as invisibility, anchoring and flying. Each match is divided into two parts by a short break, during which you can switch characters. You can have up to three free characters which share the level and inventory but equip with its own set of weapons. Game modes are interesting, but playable maps are relatively limited and lack of regular update.

S4 League is an enjoyable shooter with solid gameplay and stylish game world. Shooter MMO can be colorful. Strive to reach the S4 rank and enjoy the action-driven combat. S4 League is worth a try.

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