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Sand Flame is an intense and challenging Third-person Shooter RPG that illustrates the cruel modern warfare in a black humor style. It casts players into the role of US special force and tasks them with the various challenging missions against terrorists in different battlefields.

Sand Flame

Players in Sand Flame can fight their way through 30 thrilling levels, each with its own AI monsters, map layout and bosses, and try to complete the various missions whether it is to protect airports and cities, finish off terrorists in blitz battles or take on enemies in the helicopters high up in the sky. While jumping into fray in the default third-person perspective, players can get quite different experience due to the several distinct gaming modes in different levels. In some battles they follow the story-driven campaign to fulfill specific missions; and in other stages they will engage on the fierce multiplayer challenge. And some special levels also prepare unique chasing competition and gamble games where players can bet in mini-games for winning advanced weapons.

Sand Flame integrates fair RPG elements with the character skill and customization system. Each character in the game is blessed with unique battle skills and highlighted in a cinematic style due to the featured Bullet-Time slow motion design. Players can upgrade their fighters with the progression through the many exciting levels and strengthen characters by horning skills and using the large arsenal of arms.

In-game weapons are plentiful and most of them are based off authentic archetypes. Weapons are categorized in different grades by a star-rating system: those with more stars certainly unleash greater power with the extended barrage and greater lethality. Besides pure upgrading, players can make a weapon more powerful by mastering the corresponding weapon skill.

Sand Flame renders the fierce combat and shooting competition in a stylish cartoonish art concept with polished graphics and animated explosion. Its various battle modes, smooth shooting action and polished details combine to create a good game for shooting fans on the go.

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