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Save Birds is a challenging and addictive adventure/puzzle game that is in the same vein with Doodle Jump but adds some twists to bring a fresh experience. As explicit as its title, the game is all about the rescue mission of getting down several little birds kidnapped by mysterious enemies during a picnic safely from the high skies.

Instead of jumping skyward, you need to scoop downward mile by mile moving and battling to stay alive. Save Birds thrusts you into a highly dangerous journey full of traps, deadly triggers and endless enemies of all types. There is no safe zone to give you and your bird a break. You need to watch out for the various traps – the icy platforms, the steel traps, the magnet field, the electricity, the bomb, the boiling pot, the cement block, the stray rocket, and more – which will cause instant death of the bird or claim its protective space shield to make the bird vulnerable.

Save Bird

Traps and obstacles are only the smaller part of danger. There are wide array of moving enemies lurking around ready to collide to the bird and eat it as a whole. As you tilt to guide the little bird avoiding the many fatal traps and barriers, you need to pay more attention to ferocious creatures that make appearance anytime from all directions. There are fire-spitting drakes, floating bees that will drop the heavy stuff in hand once rising above your bird, the pacing crocodiles & green zombies waiting for its prey, and pigs that release barrage of bullets and so on. All these enemies are deadly and collision with them will either cause death or vulnerability.

However, you have your own weapons to wield that offer a chance of survival. First of all, your bird has its own sword and eggs to kill enemies: tap once to drop eggs and cross swipe once to get the knife. The control is quite simple, but it requires you to use the sword with a good timing – you get close to an enemy and cross swipe to kill it into halves but make sure to give the deadly blow at the right distance and timing; otherwise, you get busted and the bird rises to heaven. Moreover, you can find a rich variety of power-up items surrounded by rings along the way. Swoop through the special tunnel to skip a stretch, get the machine gun to automatically shoot barrage of bullets down clearing the road, and get the watermelon hamlet to know over anything in the way without hurt. And there are also protective masks, recovering blitz shield, oil-toppling lamp and more exciting power-ups to pick up and gain a temporary period of advantage.

Save Birds offers four unlockable birds with unique abilities of their own and a few distinctly themed backgrounds as you take your bird down to different stages. It is on the whole quite challenging with the diverse and frequent enemies and traps. If you want, you can first horn your controls in tilting, taps and swiping in the easy Practice mode before diving into real challenge.

Save Birds offers a free trial version which only means for a preview of the gameplay. The in-game ads are not the major problem; instead, the score limit is – you can’t go any further when you hit the score limit unless you purchase the full no-ads game. The full game costs $0.99, all birds unlocked, no ads and no score limit, which can be played on all devices with one-time purchase.

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