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Seafight is a free online pirate-themed RPG that can be played directly on the web browser. Players in the game assume the role of commanders and cast off for adventure in the Seven Seas with fully loaded ammo and powerful crews.

Players start off with a small and slow ship with limited ammos in Seafight. Without any background story, the adventure simply starts as one man casts off alone in a world rife with monsters, pirates and many adversaries over the riches and fame. Players wander around in the PvE maps first to take simple quests to learn movement, ammo supplies and combat while leveling up to activate more contents.

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There is a quest line in Seafight that covers many quests of several major types from exploration and open tasks to monster hunt and sea battle. Via completing various tasks players can quickly grasp the basics and also reap some gold and exp for growth. Initially a leader that commands nobody, the player can gradually level up and recruit pirates to the ship in preparation to jump into fray in the fierce PvP battles.

The initial ship is slow in traveling and loaded with limited low-level ammos. Players can unlock and get new and better ships with progression. Players can explore and fight for the chance of getting a ship design or join events that sometimes also reward winners with awesome ship designs. Better ships not only have dazzling looks and enhanced speed but also offer various bonuses in battle such as increased damage of harpoons and cannons, more hit and voodoo points and higher repair speed.

Battles in the PvE zones are quite casual. The many monsters and NPC pirates there won’t initiate any battle and even in crossfire they can be defeated with several rounds of harpoon/cannon attack. As they grow stronger with better ships and supplies, players will take on stronger opponents as well and also access to more useful items that can help sway the power of the tides.

Seafight prepares a variety of items that offer advantage in fierce multiplayer confrontation. For pearls, the premium currency, players can get a lot of cool stuffs with unique powers – to make a ship invisible to opponents, increase 10% accuracy, and restore tons of HP immediately and so on. Besides what’s in the shop, the black market has stored many exclusive goods as well.

Sailing on the seas alone is an option. But most commanders make friends and join guilds to have greater fun. To party together with other captains allows players to take extra pirates on board. And guild members can work out battle strategies and coordinate in the massive war.

Seafight is targeted for casual players with real-time sea fight and sailing adventure.