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Seaside Hideaway

Seaside Hideaway
  • Release Date: June, 2012 (beta)
  • Publisher: Pow Games
  • Developer: Pow Games
  • Genre: HOG
  • Official Site

Seaside Hideaway is a new hidden object game that takes players into a breezy seaside town. There, players as city planners need to restore the desolate place into its former glory, unlocking more playable scenes to play for money which is in turn used to rebuild more structures. Well, it is built on the mechanics familiar to HOG fans. Nothing special or new, just standard and beautiful.

Seaside Hideaway

Start your adventure from the Sea Harbor, and Mayor of the town will guide you through. Ten energy is cost to play a scene – 50 points is all you have to start out with. Everything about searching hidden objects is standard: find the listed stuff, seek the help of hints, and finally score high points based on speed, hint use and precision. By completion of each scene, you can get reward of Silver that is used to build new structures, accumulate Appeal and unlock new scenes as appeal bar is filled.

You start the first two or three scenes quite smoothly, and quickly you notice that the smooth gameplay begins to fall apart. Firstly, even the second building you construct takes about four and a half minutes to compete, during which you can’t re-play a scene or do anything else other than watching the paint to dry. Secondly, there is a quest asks you to play the scene of Mayor’s Office, which remains locked though you strictly follow the quest line, so you have to either directly unlock it by spending gold, in-game premium currency, or re-play scenes unlocked to win more Silver and then to build more structures until the scene is unlocked. And then it’s the Energy bar that soon exerts its limitation on the free continuous play at one sit.

The game provides quite a lot of facilities to construct, including landmark structures, infrastructure, decoration and paths, which offers an expansive amount of Appeal to unlock new scenes. As you move on, you will have an ever-increasing town which also marks your progression. Yet playing scenes and building the town seem to have comprised of the bulk of gameplay, with nothing more to spicy up the repetitive gameplay.

It’s innovative when Gardens of Time is firstly introduced of the construction part into the direct searching for listed objects, but it naturally fades into updated formula as more and more HOGs follow suits. Seaside Hideaway presents beautiful scenes appropriate to the Seaside theme, yet lags behind in the basic game mechanics. Without something of its own, it’s really difficult for Seaside Hideaway to stand out in its competitive niche.

Seaside Hideaway Screenshots:

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  1. jacklyn says:

    Hi myname is Jacklyn I play Seasde Hideaway all time and now it wont down load all the other games i play are loading.can you please help.Thank you for your time Jacklyn Feliciano email is jd5feliciano@yahoo.com

  2. elmer currie says:

    why can i not get on your game thru facebook anymore,have played formonths and now nothing..please fix the problem love to play



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