Secret of the Magic Crystals

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Secret of the Magic Crystals is a managerial simulation game about raising mythical horses and building a fantasy horse farm. Do you want to own a Pegasus, a Unicorn or a Demon-steed? Well, you can actually have them all and more!

Players in the game will take care of their own fantasy horse farm, constructing five different buildings and upgrading all through levels to improve the farm. With over 700 different trinkets there is no doubt for everyone to own a unique and personalized barn. But fantasy horses will still be the star of the stable. Players can take care of five mythical horses including Pegasus, Unicorn, fire steed, ice steed and demon steed, interacting with them, training them to master special abilities through several difficulty levels and taking them to join the horse race for a good run.

Secret of the Magic Crystals

As the title suggests, players in the game can also enjoy the RPG elements as they are out on the mission of searching for the lost Magical Crystals and unraveling the hidden secrets. Players will take their fantasy horses in some of the story-driven quests and rely on the special power of horses to help villagers and solve puzzles. And there are dozens of magic potions to make, herbs to use, magical horseshoes to craft – all are helpful in healing horses and enhancing their abilities.

Secret of the Magic Crystals features beautiful graphics and vivid animation. Due to the real-time weather and season change, it shows a dynamic and varying picture of the fantasy farm. The game is package of horse raising simulation, RPG element with intriguing quests and good mini-games. It is available at the App Store for $4.99.