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Serenia Fantasy

Serenia Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Publisher: Koramgame
  • Developer: Koramgame
  • Genre: Action Role-playing
  • Official Site

Serenia Fantasy is a newly announced action role-playing game, browser-based, from Koramgame, the publisher behind Spirit Tales, Checkmate and Dragon Born. According to the announcement, Serenia Fantasy will be an endeavor to bring back the good old days of Japanese console animation in 1990s.

Serenia Fantasy

Background in Serenia Fantasy is just ordinary fantasy. All takes place in Kane Kingdom where players travel around for adventure, fight to end the chaos and strive to become a legend in the land. Being retro, it mainly refers to the pixel art and old-school animations that were striking features in the 90s console gaming. More importantly, the game promises to bring forth several core systems that make a difference and distinguish itself from most fantasy web games.

Serenia Fantasy features in-depth character creation and customization, exciting combat with a wide range of battle modes, unique pet system that allows players to transform into monsters and array of gaming modes in rich variety.

Players in it can choose from three classes, nine talents and hundreds of skills. Although starting with the three traditional archetypes, melee, ranged and magic, players can freely develop their character into a mixed all-around like an archer Warrior or a magic-casting Ranger, with up to three skill trees available for individual role. And characters are highly customizable with almost limitless costume options and real-time switch of costume, looks, mount and wings, etc.. Players don’t just raise pets as in most games. Instead, the pet system focuses on players’ transformation into monsters so as to unlock a series of contents such as new skills, special items, portals, boss challenges, talent stats and so on.

It’s unclear yet how the gameplay in approached. Predictably, the quest system is kept to drive the game on, but grinding is promised to be minimized by the “literally hundreds of gameplay options” such as the Masquerade, Werewolf Hunting, Soul Collecting and others rarely seen in any other game. Yet it remains to see whether these diversified modes live up to the expectation.

Serenia Fantasy SOUNDS different  from most action role-playing game directly on browser, but final verdict can be made only after hands-on experience. It’s coming soon.

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  1. preciel says:

    is really fun but could use a new server


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