Seven Seas Saga Gift Package Giveaway

TIME : 10th Nov 2013 SunAUTHOR : Eleanor

Lekool has just launched Seven Seas Saga and to celebrate the release it is holding a newbie pack giveaway event. The items contained in the Newbie Package including:

  • 10k Condensed Ration
  • 10k Special Roundshot
  • 10k Special Chainshot
  • 10k Special Grapeshot
  • Sher’s Treasure map
  • Water-proof Paint

Seven Seas Saga

How to redeem Your Newbie Gift Code:

the player needs to create an account on lekool Seven Seas Saga (  then start the game and follow the following steps.

  1. Enter the game and locate “Periodic” at the bottom right of screen.
  2. On the Periodic window, click “Opening Events”.
  3. Click “Welfare” tab.
  4. Paste the newbie code and click “Claim”, system will notify you in chat that you have successfully claimed the newbie pack.
  5. Rewards can be located by clicking Ship, captain and crew info, hotkey [B].

Note: Codes can be used only on lekool Seven Seas Saga and only once for each account.

MMOHunter is working with Lekool to hand out the gift codes. To grab one, please just leave a valid email address in the COMMENT section below.