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Seven Souls Online

Seven Souls Online
  • Release Date: unknown
  • Publisher: Neowiz Games
  • Developer: Crspace
  • Genre:
  • Official Site

Seven Souls Online is an upcoming free-to-play fantasy MMO by Neowiz Games, which is slated to launch in North America in the spring of this year. And its official website has kicked off the pre-registration for closed beta testers at present.

Seven Souls Online is set in a fantasy universe that blends elements of sci-fi with ancient civilizations. In it, players can choose one of the three classes, Manatech Rebel, Imperial Guard or Exiled Avenger, to fight bloody battles against enemies. Every class is distinctively designed in history, skills and buffs. Whatever the class is, players can engage in the fast, or termed ‘blitz-paced’, combat and even transform into monsters to unleash greater power by the Rage Mode. Moreover, it also features an easy Enchant system to work on weapons and items as well as an anti-bot system for a fairer playing environment.

Currently not much is known about the gameplay. Yet seen from the trailer on the official website, it does provide action-driven combat with a fantastic beating rhythm. The ‘bloodshet’ begins. Are you ready?

Seven Souls Online Screenshots:

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