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Shackleton Crater is a fast-paced multiplayer strategy game that takes you to the moon. A turn-based strategic simulation for 1 to 4 players, the game uses realistic lunar data and hard science fiction to depict the 100 years of lunar exploration and colonization.

Shackleton Crater

The in-game world/planet is built on the basis of actual lunar mapping data and satellite photos in concert with the Unity 3D engine. In the realistic, detailed universe, players will try to survive and thrive, managing basic resources in the face of harsh physical conditions, building habitats and exploring the far reaches of the moon later.

Shackleton Crater is structured with four different stages, each presenting itself on the basis of the one before, for players to explore and experience. Initially, players need to make through the Survival Period when they struggle to stay alive on minimum resources taken from Earth. Then they come to the Construction Period, exploiting lunar resources to build their colony with real technology from plausible science fiction. After that, players can embark on some adventure in the Exploration stage where they venture into the many regions of the moon, climbing to the highest mountain there, reclaiming the crashed Ebb and Flow satellites or searching for engineering opportunities. Finally, players arrive at the Utopia where they reap what they sow: construct an empire with the abundant resources, terraform a crate, or build a fantastic lunar space elevator.

Besides, each game/stage features its own dynamic event system, which offers players a rich variety of in-game activities and challenges relevant to the corresponding phase. As mentioned above, it’s a multiplayer game that allows players to cooperate and compete. And the multiplayer experience is flexible or rather optional, as solo play is completely available by choice.

Shackleton Crater is developed by industry vet Joseph Ybarra (known for dozens of classic titles like Wasteland and The Matrix Online) and his new studio Joe Got Game. The game has combined the highest fidelity science with time-tested game craftsmanship to present a unique experience and a vision of a possible future for mankind itself.

Shackleton Crater is running a Kickstarter campaign now with variety of rewards for supporters. And it is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2014 across platforms including both PCs and Tablets.