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Sheep Happens is a hilarious and super addictive Endless Running game featured with its chaotic running paths and funny chasing between Perseus and Hermes. A unique take on the classic endless runner genre, Sheep Happens is taking you into a wonderful running match that challenges your quick reflex and offers some hearty laughter.

Sheep Happens takes place in a bizarre running match Perseus takes part in. But before the starter gun fires Perseus purchases a pair of broken flying sandals from Hermes and simply start to run non-stop. So Perseus is chasing Hermes to kick his ass while running his race. With a funny start, the endless running begins.

Sheep Happens

Chaos is what sets Sheep Happens apart from all previous contenders. You will control Perseus to jump over high and low hurdles, fly over other runners or step on them to gain a little boost, bump into the poor weightlifter carrying sheep on shoulders, step on the bull man and be dragged across a distance by the crazy bull, hop on the rope pullers drawing sheep, or ride on tame sheep or the bouncing frog-like creature for a bumpy flight. Sometimes you will be involved in a really noisy situation when you triggered the chain effect: the stumped runners fall down like domino, the bumped out sheep knock over hurdles and the sheep-ball rolls over that may once again upset you. But don’t let the noisy situation slow down your pace, though, for you have to catch the old bone who doesn’t miss a chance to ridicule you the whole way.

You can control Perseus easily with simple Tap control: tap to jump, tap longer to jump higher, and hold while jumping to glide. With a little practice, you may feel that you can control the winged shoes but don’t get relaxed yet for a little mishap may claim the cape and then Perseus’s life leaving him die in humiliated nude. You really need to control the jumping and gliding rate and strength – when you don’t jump on all those in your way but crash into them, you first lose the cape that empowers gliding and the lose one life with the second collision.

Sheep Happens prepares quite a few missions that rewards you coins upon completion and also offers sort-of sense of progression. You may need to jump on rope pullers 10 times in a row, ride a sheep for 1,000 meters, get lost cape back 5 times or catch Hermes to fight him. As you get better control and run further, you will get increasingly challenging tasks to finish. Similarly, though, you also get stronger not only in skills but in equipment. Coins earned by finishing quests and collected during runs can be spent on various Power-ups and cooler hamlets that give you extra lives, a bull-dash start and more powerful gliding.

As you run to chase Hermes, you watch out for all barriers and also jump to collect the various boosters free on the way. There are magnets that collect coins automatically for a while and winged armors that bear one-time damage for you. And if you jump on sheep or bumping creatures, you lose them first in crash before the cape. So there are many ways to keep your life but still you will meet Death more frequently than you expect. While dying, you can choose to die directly with a deadly arrow from the black sheep in the cackle of Hermes or spend coins to bounce back and continue running. And the price of recovery is based on how far you’ve reached: the further the distance, the higher the cost.

When you chase and do catch Hermes, you will enter a fast mini-game tapping to fight Hermes down. Well, you may fail, for that cheater has his arrows and takes advantage of your panic. But you will then enter another completely different settings like the underground and ice stadium, which brings brand new challenges. If you die there, sadly, you have to start over from the starting line. Sheep Happens creates a humorous atmosphere for the whole run and crafts each scene meticulously. If you glance at the background spectator-platform, you will get the funny image of squatting sheep as audience in the midst of ancient Greek people, the weird transvestite and some other artistic design that tickles your nerve.

Integral to the endless running game, special events are blended naturally to be part of the fun. Currently, Sheep Happens has already put some Christmas festival in the game with the special Santa-themed event. The cheating Hermes took away all the presents and you need to help get all back. If you can collect all the lost presents, special rewards will be given.

Sheep Happens is really a polished and addictive endless runner that is hard to put down. The humor, the tricky yet awesome running mechanics and the fully-fledged free-to-play model all combine to make a great game. It is undoubtedly worth download.

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