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Znyga publishes and owns intellectual property rights in the famous ‘VILLE family of social games. In 2012, Znyga filed a lawsuit against PlayOMG, the publisher of Shepherd Ville,contending the publisher’s use of “Shepherd Ville” infringes Zynga’s trademark rights in the ‘VILLE Family of Trademarks, and won the case.  PlayOMG apologized for the game users and closed the service for Shepherd Ville.

Shepherd Ville was shut down.

Shepherd Ville, as the title suggests, is another farming simulation game designed for casual and younger community. Different from most of its contenders and predecessors, this title is inspired by and depicted of the farm life tinged with Japanese style.

The game places players in the role of shepherd, who need to tend to all kinds of crop and livestock and grow their personal farms into unique and cozy places. In-game activities are predictably around busy chores in a farm – buy animals and plants to tend to in the farm, take care of all living beings there, and harvest when they are fully grown so as to sell for profits. Mediocre as basic mechanics, the game specially incorporates seasonal change into the gameplay, which allows players to experience the life cycle of farm animals with the shifting seasons.

In-game shops provide not only a rich variety of animals and crops but also a wide range of items including useful tools and decorative objects. As in most social games, two distractions go to the decoration of the farm and social interaction that allows friends to pay visits to and help out in each other’s.

Shepherd Ville has been popular in Japan, ranking No. 1 on Yahoo Japan, especially among female players.  Its English version officially entered Open Beta Testing just yesterday, i.e. on June 12th, 2012 on Facebook. What is it like to experience an exquisite Japanese style farm life? You can check out.