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Shot Online is a golf MMORPG that combines the sport (golf) simulation and character development. It is created by the Korean developing team onNet and published in eight languages on the developer’s game portal GamesCampus. Due to its interesting gameplay and regular updates, this free-to-play title has lasted for around eight years since it made debut early in 2004 up to now.

Shot Online

Shot Online is never short of variety whether it’s of character archetype or game mode. It provides seven anime characters (five basic and two premium) for players to choose from based on each one’s strength and weakness, twenty or so courses, realistic and fictional, with different green fees and difficulty levels, and a few varied game modes to bring diversified experiences in the game.

The bulk of gameplay is the competitive match among multiplayer. By participation in matches, players can earn XP to level up and in-game currency NG that is used to purchase items. Similar to most MMOs, in-game characters are enhanced of skills via experience and gear. With progression, players can grow from the starting Beginner over five phases in-between to the final Royal-Pro. To have a break between matches, players can wander around the Square, an in-game hub where players can socialize with other players, interact with NPC, purchase items or obtain quests.

Overall, Shot Online is enjoyable with solid though simple gameplay in great variety. And it has been regularly, at an interval of half a year, updated with new contents, which result in the long lifespan of this golfing game. Certainly, it is not a game that appeals to all, but a must-play for whoever has a liking for golf.