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Siege on Stars is a new free-to-play strategy & simulation online game for multiplayer on the web browser. Set in a futuristic backdrop, the game takes place in the vast galaxy after humans possess the ability of travelling freely in the outer space using a technology known as Jumpgate. Focused on ship building and galactic wars, the game offers a mid-core exciting experience around space adventure.

Players in the game takes the role of commanders, whose major goal is to build warships and fight battles against NPC pirates or other real-player opponents over resources, coins, blueprint pieces, etc.. The game doesn’t contain any base construction feature. To get the resources and blueprints for ship and parts manufacture, players need to pilot their base ships in the space, searching for and salvaging war wreckage, pirate fortress, asteroid belt and the like.

Siege on Stars

There is a tutorial that dibbles in some of the systems in bits and pieces randomly. After walking it through, newbie players may still feel confused about part of the gameplay and need to figure out by themselves by trial and error, exploring the in-game intro or simply posing a question in the chat box. Besides, the quest trace panel also offers certain guidance when you lose a clue of what to do with its many missions in the category of Daily, Bounty or Battle. Basically, it’s all around getting better ships and gaining upper hand in war.

While the quest variety is a little lacking, it requires a lot of work to finish the offered missions and make progress. Wander around in the many galaxies on the vast map to search and fight for resources and materials, level up to earn skill points and distribute them wisely on the many abilities that allow you to manufacture ship parts to better arm ships, gather blueprint pieces and assemble them to unlock new warships that invite in more strategic plans in war. The game offers 50 types of warships in four general classes including Scout, Guardian, Assault and Logistics and in five levels from Frigate to Dreadnought. Only when a player collects all ships of same level can he gets a ship blueprint of next level. So despite the limited variety of ship types, it is a long way to go making the whole collection.

As another pillar, in-game battle has several different modes. Players can directly jump into fray when they encounter NPC or other players, loot warships and planet from players of enemy factions for resources, call some League members to get Planet Siege, team up to fight in the instances, or try out the 5 vs. 5 MOBA-styled battles with players of similar level. In-game battle on the whole is not that challenging with its partial auto-combat style as ships will auto fire enemies within range and the operation is basically point-and-click. But players still get to learn the characteristics of each ship type and the many ship devices, which is the source of strategy and of fun for tactics fans.

Siege on Stars is in the same vein with the acclaimed strategy title Battlestar Galactica, but it doesn’t surpass its predecessor no matter it is in terms of graphics or game control. It’s easier to pick up and proceed comparatively. And it’s most likely to appeal to mid-core gamers.

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