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Siege Online is a 3D multiplayer role-playing strategy game set in a fancy medieval age. In it, players step into the role of a feudal lord and engage in tactical battles for control of the land. As a game mixed MMO with strategy, it will not only provide the staple of strategy elements including castle building, resource management, army training and trading, etc., but also features the role-playing mechanics that allows players to create and develop their own character in it. It’s 3D; it requires download; and it is free-to-play.

Siege Online

Despite the medieval background, there is neither elf nor dwarf, but only mankind in the rich land of Gromfort. From there, players as lords embark on the journey of adventure. Try to be a strategist leader in battle, a managing builder in construction, a shrewd merchant in trading, a helpful adventurer in exploration. Players take up one of these roles at specific situations and all of them on the whole.

Castle, a symbol of power, is the base for each lord. Players need to build a series of structures and upgrade them, expand the size to develop the castle, and manage resources and money required in construction and military units. Besides, castle is also the shelter to protect players in battle, since war is daily life here.

Battle is half done as the player carefully plan the types and numbers of units that will be dispatched to a battlefield. It great influences the result of one battle whether it’s the selection of correct units matching against enemy troop, comparison of own powers against that of the opponent, or the calculation of marching time. Players can handle some battles alone, but need helping hands when faced with greater challenges. In fact, players who love to be part of the greater cause can delve into the gameplay of Order, similar to the usual Guild in function, where members work together to take control over certain territory, protect it from rivals and benefit from the shared land and power.

Siege Online is a strategy game in the core that is wrapped with the 3D fantasy world and role-playing of an MMO. No matter it is the staple strategy and building or the pleasant distraction of trading and hunting game, this new title does not innovate in the real sense, but manages to present a fresh and enjoyable gaming experience.