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Skull Legends is a challenging tactical Tower Defense game with a nice twist. It features the classic tower defense mechanics but brings in unique first-person perspective shooter and RPG elements to create a fresh experience merging deep strategy with high action.

Skull Legends leads you into a beautifully crafted 3D world in a mixed dark fantasy and medieval style. A large skeleton horde stubbornly keeps trying to enter your land and you have to use all resources in hand to keep them behind the defensive line. A bow and arrows are what you have in the beginning and different defensive towers and explosive potions can be unlocked and used as you battle through a myriad of tough levels.

Skull Legends

The first-person arrow-shooting mechanic is a fresh design and a surprisingly good integration. You can draw bows from imaginative quiver, target enemies and release your arrow with different energy and velocity to shoot skeletons and even give them a clean headshot. The entire shooting process feels cool and satisfactory and can be finished with simple controls due to the optimized touch-screen operation. But shooting drains stamina and after several shots you have to wait for the recovery.

Easy to difficult, the game pits you into progressively challenging battles against new types of invaders from the ancient Celtic skeleton to the Samurai types. Accordingly, though, you will have an increasingly large arsenal containing more diverse and powerful arrows in your quiver, overall 6 types of towers, the mighty, deadly magic potions and various barriers and explosive barrels, etc.. As the confrontation flares up, the battle will tests your overall control and tactical plan more than pure rate of headshot or shooting accuracy.

In battles you collect essence points by killing approaching enemies and can use them to afford the many resources you’ve unlocked. There are a variety of different arrows with their unique elemental power such as fire, ice, lightening and explosion and there are the several towers, each with its three specifications, as well as barriers which can be placed in the strategic spots of the battlefield. You need to choose and fire the suitable type of arrows against different skeletons to deal the most damage – it is great that you can shift among all arrows freely on the fly so that you get most enemies with limited stamina. It is the same with the deployment of towers and barriers, which is about the strategic use of collected enemy essence. Of course, when the enemy overruns your land breaking through your defense, you have one last weapon to use, the fantastic yet extremely expensive magic portions that give you a chance of winning with its epic explosion.

Skull Legends contains more than 20 distinct maps with levels of challenges in varying settings like swamp, cave, cemeteries and ancient ruins. With the two difficulty level and star rating system, it offers a high value of replayablity. The game is overall quite challenging and with the heaps of strategy out of resource management and diversity of enemy types, towers and arrows, it is even more so. Mid-core strategy fans will certainly find a lot to love.

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