Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort

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Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort is a stylish city-building simulation game with a special Olympic theme. The game puts you in the position of Major of Sochi, the small resort by the sea and also the next host of the Olympic Winter Games, and tasks you with the pre-event development of the city.

Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort features solid and conventional gameplay wrapped in a joyful atmosphere. As organizer of the Olympic Winter Games, you will engage in the construction of the Olympic village taking in charge of various aspects of the city development.

Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort

There is a lot of work to do: develop infrastructure of the town, build sports facilities and businesses, sign contracts with different trades for sponsorship, attract worldwide tourists to make collections of materials, protect ecology and beautify the town with greens, and expand the city limits for greater potential and prosperity. The game tutorial covers the basics of the game structure and introduces the management of economy and ecology.

In Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort you will build trees, flowerbeds and fountains, etc. to maintain ever better ecology and manage coins, electric power and various materials in the economy to develop the town. Coins are gained over an expansive period of time from dozens of facilities from residence and hotel to entertainment and sports as well as from completion of quests and then coins are in turn invested in the construction of all buildings, expansion and making contracts. Another important factor is the rich variety of materials. You can collect materials from the visiting travelers, harvest products from businesses, trade with the various drivers for items or earn blueprints and special objects via trading collections. Cements, glass cutter, hammer, danger sign, high voltage sign, goggle, blueprints, wallpaper rolls and so on – these materials are required in the construction or upgrading of important sports facilities and in expansion of more regions.

Time and resources are the essence of city development. From construction to production by contract you have to wait for completion. Of course, there is always the paid shortcut. Cash is the in-game hard currency that can make the city building faster and easier. You can spend Cash on speeding up contracts, construction and upgrading or purchasing the hard-earn materials like the Powerboat Race or Harbor Station blueprints needed in upgrading or expansion. Moreover, you can use Cash to refill the empty friend slots in certain projects, too.

Sochi 2014: Olympic Games Resort is overall a conventional managerial simulator with a modern and Olympic atmosphere. It does not raise the bar for the established genre but bears a special publicity sense in the traditional yet solid gameplay. If you are looking for fresh game experience, you can safely pass this one; and if you enjoy the Olympic theme, you can dive in the joyful Olympic village.

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