Soul of Guardian II First Server Giveaway

TIME : 05th Mar 2013 TueAUTHOR : Eleanor

Omprus Games announces today that they are launching the first server for their latest browser game Soul of Guardian II on March 7th, 2013. To celebrate the upcoming event and to thank for players’ support, MMO Hunter is working with the publisher to hand out free Newbie Cards codes. Grab one now!

Soul of Guardian II

The Newbie Pack contains:

  • Small Soul Essence*2,
  • Flying shoes*10,
  • Little candy*5,
  • Strengthening protection rune*2,
  • Rare training order*2

How to Redeem Gift with the Newbie Card Code in Soul of Guardian II:

  • Click “Gift packs” icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

Soul of Guardian II

  • Click the “Newbie Pack” Interface; find “Claim” icon and then click. Enter the Newbie Card Code, then “Confirm” it

Soul of Guardian II

To get a code from MMOHunter, please leave your valid email at the COMMENT section below.