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Sparta: War of Empires is a free-to-play medieval MMORTS developed by Plarium, the industry veteran that brought popular strategy games like Total Domination and Stormfall: Age of War. As revealed in its title, Sparta: War of Empires centers the war between Greece and Persia in the 5th century. As a rising Archon in Greece, you will develop your own city state and fight to fend off the invading Persian army.

Sparta: War of Empires

Sparta: War of Empires integrates the established concepts of a real-time strategy game including everything from the construction of base to resource management, from the training of troop to the tactical battles with NPC enemies to real-player opponents. The starting tutorial covers all the basics while the quest line can easily guide you through the newbie protection phase.

Building a base is the foundation of the game and requires more attention in the first several hours. You have the several major types of structures in general that are related to resource production and storage, military action, researches, defense and diplomacy, etc.. Resource mines go first and then other functional buildings follow with level up. Since the basic layout is set beforehand, you have relatively less freedom in the structure placement. As usual, time and resource are the essence of the construction, which also set the pace of your development alongside with the real cash-purchased acceleration.

The quest line can be relied on for progress. But if you want to develop your city at will you can, for the quest rewards will be allotted to you all the same even if you don’t accept the mission first. You can grow your city in a non-linear way with multiple tasks to complete. Build and upgrade buildings, sign contracts (similar to research) with different NPCs to unlock new features or bonuses like erecting fortification, boosting travel speed and increasing grain/bronze/lumber production, train various units of the four categories, send army to conquer landscapes or spy & attack adversaries, and expand your power and abilities by level-up and victory in battle.

You get four types of soldiers in your base: light infantry, heavy infantry, phalanx units and cavalry, each with their four sub-classes varying in strength and weakness. You need to purchase soldiers once you activate them and then dispatch the very unit types to spy, attack, garrison or take other orders. Before you attack others, especially those slightly stronger than you, you’d better make sure you have your defensive line erected up with walls, gates, towers and garrisoned units. And it’s also recommended that you join a coalition where your fellows can support you and avenge you against your enemies.

To speak of war, you don’t see it happen directly, not from the mere bar that indicates that your troop is traveling on the way, engaging in battles and returning from battlefield. All you can do is to get the intelligence first by sending your scouts of your opponents and deploy the right types and fair number of soldiers into the battle formation. If you get casualty you can revive 70 percent of lost soldiers with the Healer feature but you have to spend some Drachmas on it. You will start the fight in the wilderness defeating NPC Persian armies for practice, then move on attacking real-player rivals to loot their resources, battle on to expand your power with colonies you conquer, and then join greater and well-planned war with multiplayer participants.

Sparta: War of Empires is a solid strategy war game with polished and detailed graphics, amazing voice-over for the storyline as well as quest description, deep strategies for varied battles and rich contents for both single-player and multiplayer campaigns.

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