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Take control of a spaceship in the cockpit and engage in the intense PvP battles in the vast galaxy with your squad. If that’s what you enjoy, you can expect the upcoming Squad Wars, a free-to-play team-based PvP space combat online game from END Games Entertainment with dev members behind the classic space combat MMO, Jumpgate.

Squad Wars

Squad Wars is focusing on hardcore PvP combat with PvE cut off of the gameplay. PvE will be shown at launch, but can be added if players propose. In this spacefighter, players don’t fly and flight in an empty universe, but compete and complete goals in a series of hand built missions and scenarios. Scenarios vary, in time span and in objective. Join one side of two rival giant capital ships and fight for own team over precious resources; safeguard purchased goods through a hostile nebula before making the killing selling; or reach high enough levels so as to take part in the mining mission for the ore.

To complete different missions, you need to select the suitable ships and updates to fill specific roles in a team. Starting out with a basic ship, you can fight on, unlocking new ships, paint jobs and other gears. Ship components like engines, shield and weapons can be improved, and CoBot can be used and upgraded to offer bonuses as well. No common stats of accuracy or agility is offered, for it’s all about skill.

Squad Wars just closed its fund-raising kickstarter campaign unsuccessfully without achieving its funding goal ($250,000) at the deadline. This spacefighter was scheduled to release in January 2013. Since the kickstarter is sourcing funding for the development, will its failure shadow the planned launch? It remains to see.