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Stack Rabbit is a fresh and fun puzzle game where you help a long-eared hopping rabbit stealing veggies to feed his bunnies. Hop, stack and match veggies!

In the game you take the role of Ben the Rabbit who needs to take care of a bunch of bunnies of his sisters who travel to take vacation. To feed them, you need to help Ben steal enough veggies from the nearby farm guarded by Max the dog.

Stack Rabbit

Stack Rabbit is unique blend of 3D-style matching-3 puzzle with adventures. The farm is planted with different veggies randomly and there you need to stack and match at least three of the same kind to harvest them. The veggies continue to grow quickly popping out where they are hacked. But you only have limited moves to get the required number. So you need to do some calculation and try to finish your job as fast as possible. If you run out of moves and fail to reach the goal, you wake the napping dog and lose one life. As you move on, the difficulty of stealing veggies increases because of the ever-changing farm yard, appearance of various tricks and the occasional chasing dog there.

There are 65 exciting levels for free with more purchasable for small fees. It is now available in the App Store.

Stock Rabbit – Game Features:

  • 65 exciting free levels for hours of fun
  • Jump, match and stock veggies with limited moves
  • Dodge Max the guard dog in the fast-chasing levels
  • Couples of power-ups to beat hard levels
  • A 3D adventurous puzzle with adorable graphics and great sounds
  • Facebook support to compare with friends’ progress on the map