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Star Pigs is a new free, fun, fast Card game mixed with 3D real-time space battles. In the game, players will join the merciless mercenary forces, pursuing the story campaign to fight the NPCs that intend to destroy the universe and challenge other commanders worldwide to be the crowned star pig of the galaxy.

Star Pigs

Key Features:

  • Collect a variety of cards that allow you to summon starships into 3D animated wars in real-time
  • Expand your fleet with new, powerful ship types
  • Progress to unlock new ship designs, weapons and abilities
  • Customize ships with different weapons to enjoy diverse battle style
  • Level up weapons and chassis types to boost their efficiency
  • Manage your crew and materials to optimize where you can join the war
  • Fight the NPC missions and battle real-players at different battlefields
  • Direct your fleet into tense space battles and be there with your ships to give tactical order
  • Hire enemy ships to fight fierce battles in times of need

Star Pigs is designed for multiple platforms including iOS, web browsers and Android. And the iOS version will be hitting the App Store next week.

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