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Are you getting tired of nerve-wracking online games; and trying to look for a relaxing yet still exciting gaming experience? Well, why don’t you try playing MMORPG horse game on Star Stable as this can certainly let you unwind from the stress you get from the workplace or from school? Basically, Star Stable is an online horse game that features a story about a fight to stop corporations from ruining the stables.

Star Stable
Although the equestrian story on Star Stable is kind of linear in the sense that it points towards one goal, the adventures that come with it are surprisingly challenging and exciting. The stop at every level is an opportunity for you to see what the world of horses has to offer. It is also a good venue to interact with other players in the same field. While aiming to achieve your objective, you can, at the same time, do other stuff like collecting coins (which you may opt to use to buy avatar’s clothes, decors, and feeds for your horse), wandering around the ground, racing with other players and their horses, and so on. These things make the journey more enjoyable.

More than the story itself, the thing that engages me in playing the game is its wonderfully designed playing ground including the graphics employed for the game. The horses’ appearances are undoubtedly well-thought of, as to me, they look like real horses; only, I see them on my computer monitor. Their movements are amazing to the point that I cannot accurately describe how beautifully they run and move. The background colors are vivid, but not to the extent that they irritate and annoy my eyes. They are just right that I always enjoy staring at the virtual world of equines.

Apart from the graphics, I as well generally like the overall theme of the game because its atmosphere somehow relaxes me. For me, it is a good way to end my tiring day. I do not really care about the plot (although as I have mentioned earlier, the story of this horse game is surely appealing) as I am after the visual presentation.

If I would rate Star Stable based on my experience, I would give it a 4 out of 5 because it is seldom that I find an online horse game that suits my taste well in terms of visual presentation, graphics, colors, animation, and of course, storyline. After playing the game, I can say with confidence that kids, teens, and even adults will definitely enjoy this horse game on Star Stable. Just one last piece of advice: although you may choose to play the free version at the start, I highly encourage you to go for the paid one as for a minimal fee, you can enjoy the whole experience better by unlocking more levels and receiving more coins!