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  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: BigLittleBang
  • Developer: Podscape
  • Genre: MMO
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Star86 is an online virtual world where players can unleash their musical creativity and enjoy the endless fun in exploration, socialization and creation. Colorful artwork, various planets and many creative activities combine to make a free, fun gaming experience.

Star86 is a beautiful virtual universe where you can freely roam around. In fact, you need to discover the whole game by yourself, since there is neither tutorial nor many texts to tell what to expect from it. Thanks to its simple interface, you can gradually figure out how to play this game simply by following your instinct plus a little trial and error.


Crashing into the various icons on the way, you will find them give out different tones while jumping into your collection; toggling to and from different buttons, you can get a quick sum up of the major screens from the whole universe to your own space city; roaming mindlessly across different planets, you can gather different notes and join many randomly triggered games with other players there. This is how you get to know this open-ended world just as if you enter a brand new world.

There are a dozen or so different systems in the game where you can venture into for different discovery. Each system has its own theme like Ninja, Volcano and Food that decides its graphics, terrain objects and some unique monsters lurking around. Generally, you will wander around a planet, collecting bundles of icons perhaps, and join a quick game when someone triggers the monster onslaught there. Fierce though it sounds, the match is actually casual, compatible to the entire leisure and friendly ambience, which lets you decide whether to join or not and whether really pay attention to the final trophy or resume your usual wander.

Musical notes are fundamental to the entire gameplay. Whenever you bounce upon different icons, they play different sounds. If you are skillful in control, you can actually make and enjoy a melodious journey wherever you go. And you can make music with your buddies or any other players live regardless of your musical background and share with the community by publishing them in the game’s Youtube channel. And creativity is not restricted to music. In fact, you can make a glamorous space city of your own from the ground up, draw something, stock various blocks earned or purchased in the shop to create some models, or even make movies if you are a premium player.

All players can play the base version of Star86 for free without the interruption of any third-party advertising. And if you want to experience the exclusive extras like access to member-only planets or expanding space city beyond the 100 module limit, you can always shift into a Space Club member with a fair price.

Be creative and be free in this innovative 3D virtual world.

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