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Starborn Anarkist is a challenging and unique twin-stick space shooter with arcade-style action. In the game you play a disgruntled waste collector determined to fight back and take revenge with his humble space garbage truck in the vast galaxy.

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In Starborn Anarkist you start with your humble truck but as you destroy enemies and giant blocks you can collect debris to transform your machine into a powerful battleship. In the vast galaxy, you will encounter various enemy spacecrafts and giant modular bosses that come to get you down with their lasers, bombs, missiles, freeze rays and so on in increasingly dense battles. While outnumbered, you are not necessarily in the lower hand for you have the ability of using enemies’ weapons against them – unleash the destructive rampage, salvage the precious debris dropped by defeated enemies and upgrade it to your craft for transformation.

Starborn Anarkist designs a rich variety of enemies and a wide range of ship junks that you can use to build your truck up. Once you gather the weapons, shields and various gadgets from the dismantled enemies, you will see various great transformations for your ship in the layout and battle style. Cursed the damn laser enemy? Amazed by the rolling ball-and-chains? With the right pick-up you can make them yours and let the enemy counts their own ruins.

Starborn Anarkist is the debut work of the Toronto-based indie ZeMind Game Studio, the creator of a wonderful photography app “Phone Mosaica”. The game is available at the App Store for $1.99.

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Key Features:

  • A unique and addictive arcade-style twin-stick space shooter
  • Clever ship building mechanics – use enemy’s pieces to empower your own craft
  • Endless enemy spacecraft and modular bosses in the galaxy as great threat
  • Survival challenge in fast-paced and intense battles with various Achievements to collect
  • Crisp graphics and original soundtracks
  • Optional Kids mode