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Starforce Delta

Starforce Delta
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  • Publisher: Pro 3 Games
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  • Genre: MMO
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Starforce Delta is a sci-fi multiplayer browser game that brings satisfactory starship combat packed with action to multiple platforms. With a sci-fi backdrop, the game create an addictive experience with its intuitive control, great graphics and challenging space combat within a compelling story.

Starforce Delta is set in the Mer’akim star system with 6 planets in the orbit, in which mankind fight the merciless alien Shar’dal to harness the advanced knowledge and technology left behind by the Menr’akim race long gone and uncover the myth behind the disappearance the race. Players in the game enter the role of mercenaries hired by the G.O.R.E. (Global Organization for the Restoration of Earth), piloting starships and carrying out different missions.

Starforce Delta

There are only three types of starships now in the game. Apis flies fast and fires missiles and lasers at enemies from a comfortable distance; Buffalo is tough and tank, able to take heavy poundings and take on multiple enemies at once with its devastating shockwave generators; and Mosquito can send out automated drones into battle and watch over the chaos from a safe distance. Players can make choice in the three options based on their play style and need to make it carefully, for they will pilot what they choose for a long time. Each battle machine has seven equipment slots, which once unlocked can be filled with the right items, either looted in battles or purchased from the weapon dealer.

Gameplay starts with story-driven missions that send mercenaries into the heart of endless conflicts, initially against AI enemies then involving real-player competition. In-game battle is simply challenging and satisfying from the very beginning. On combating quests, players need to defeat waves of enemies single-handedly, outnumbered always, who are not only aggressive but also increase in variety, number and so power when a mission comes to closure. Speed of ships is reasonably fast; the control feels responsive; and the enemies are challenging. All these make the combat fast-paced, skill-based and inviting.

With the learning curve, it is not unusual for newbies to fly back to hanger with a damaged ship early in the game. During battle when a player’s ship is hit, its Health bar drains; when it hits zero, it is out of function. At that moment, the battle pauses, letting players choose from the three choices – repair with Crystals (in-game hard currency) immediately and resume the mission; Credits (in-game soft currency) at the spot and stat over with the mission; fly back to the base to repair with a smaller amount of Credits over time. And it’s not just about cost and time but involving loots too – spoils are gone with re-start in either way. With 50 Crystals to start off, newbie players will use them up quickly even before the second mission is completed. Players can earn Crystals, too, in small amount when they kill enemies in some missions.

Take missions, fight battles, horn skills, upgrade starships and level-up to unlock the PvP content. At Lv.6 or above, players can fight other mercenaries in the galaxy, raiding their frigates, stealing their resources and building reputation as the most ruthless and powerful in the service of G.O.R.E.. When they begin make enemies, players should prepare the retaliation.

Starforce Delta is still worked on to bring in more contents and systems. Above mentioned is only a scratch of its open beta version on the web browser. Incomplete as it is, it offers satisfactory starship piloting and space combat and carries the great potential to be a hit game on the browser.

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1 Comment on Starforce Delta


  1. Mephisto says:

    Just stumbled across Starforce Delta and have to say: it's totally addictive! I'm already in the top ten of the highscore challenge missions! try to beating me- mess with the best, die like the rest!


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