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Starpires is a free-to-play browser-based MMO with the classic 90s style turn-based sci-fi strategy gameplay that has been brought to the modern age by Bad Pug Games with a new skin. The game pits players against each other in the vast galaxy as they build their own galactic empires and compete for the ultimate domination. Develop empires, manage resources, build armies, wage epic war against both friends and enemies, move up in the leaderboard and become the most powerful in the galaxy!


Key Features:

  • Resources: Acquire ten different types of planets, each with specific resources contributing to the growth and development of the empire, or obtain them via battles against enemy forces or pirates
  • Army: a range of eight types of military units to attack and defend your own empire, and twelve assorted measures that are used to send guerrilla to undermine enemy bases
  • Battles: endless fights against hostile pirates plaguing the galaxy or rival opponents for resources and power
  • Diplomacy: form alliances and build intergalactic power base, sign treaties of non-aggression and support each other in time of attack
  • Boosts: a variety of power-ups can be purchased to enhance the gameplay, such as higher productivity of planets, defensive and offensive capabilities and extra Turns to daily allocation

Starpires is now available on the web browser or through Facebook as an integrated app for free.

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