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“Brick” in the gaming scope is usually associated with sandbox, or creation toolset for user-generated contents. It’s applicable here in Storybricks, a new MMO game of itself and a game-building toolkit at once.


Storybricks offers players story-building bricks to produce engaging stories of their own. Players will make choices among a series of storybricks, defining characters’ personality, complex relationships with others, twists and turns of on-going narration, and so on and so forth. And the game promises to offer as such:

  • Populate your world – No more static quest-givers. Storybricks allows you to create characters with wants, drives and emotions.
  • Create intriguing reletionships – Adjust character motivations to create relationships between characters that will change as you interact with them and they interact with each other.
  • Weave a narrative – Build a story, not just busy work… expect the unexpected as you strive to reach your conclusion. Anything is possible with Storybricks.

As of now, it’s only available of a fantasy setting for players to try out the toolset. And the story-building toolset is also just a beginning. As the game is worked on towards maturity, players can expect a more fledged game with built game-centric mechanics and construction kit that allows players to influence and create the future of the virtual world.

Storybricks is currently in closed alpha. And if interested, players can get a first sneak look at the creative story-building toolset from the open alpha demo.