Strike Force Heroes: Extraction

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Strike Force Heroes: Extraction is a new intense Endless Runner/Shooter hybrid for iOS devices that will put your quick reflex into test. The new Extraction is a mobile spin-off of the popular flash game Strike Force Heroes series and will be available at the App Store in Nov. 21, 2013.

Strike Force Heroes

In Strike Force Heroes: Extraction, you will take the role of a secret agent who is tasked with the investigation in a rogue military organization for intelligence of a hidden threat. To fulfill the mission, you need to infiltrate the headquarters, running from helicopters, jumping over traps and obstacles and shooting to eliminate enemies. With the implementation of a special Cover mechanic, you can hide and shield yourself behind objects and take out the enemy with close-quarter combat. This adventure campaign has 30 exciting stages and challenges you to fierce action as you uncover and gather more pieces of the info.

Starting with a basic character, you can gradually delve into the deeper of the enemy center and unlock more than a dozen of other characters, each with unique strength, weakness and weapon. Moreover, there are over 30 different weapons and upgrades to collect and use against epic enemies.

Strike Force Heroes: Extraction is priced $1.99 for iPhone and iPod Touch and $2.99 for iPad HD version. It will be available on Nov. 21, 2013.