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Super Gem Heroes is a beautiful match-3 puzzle game on Facebook that offers free casual fun. The game is around the story of the Gem Boy fighting the bad Boogeyman to rescue innocent animals with the help of Ruby-loo. Make matches of gems and keep earning stars on each level to rescue your friends!

Super Gem Heroes consists of four chapters so far, each including 15 levels of challenge against different story plot and background scenes. In every level, it is about swapping tiles to make matches of three or more same colors to earn points and/or clear the boogey-goo on the board with a limited amount of moves. That is the basics of the gameplay and also has some variations. In some levels, it requires you to score certain points within 60 seconds; and in the last level of every chapter, it is a Boss Fight which pits you against the crazy version of the animals took away by the Boogeyman.

Super Gem Heroes

The game core is not much different from what you are familiar with. The matching rules, the special bonuses out of bigger matches, power-ups and the diversified designs, the star-rating system, and so on and so forth – these elements are simply in their usual position. Oh, and the five lives that are lost in failure and generated automatically over time.

The challenge of Super Gem Heroes is its source of fun to certain extent because it has nothing better than failure of a level that can intrigue players to continue playing while overlooking its lack of innovation. With its level challenge and adorable animation, it is overall a solid and conventional game one can entertain themselves in short bursts of time.

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