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Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Publisher: Aeria Games
  • Developer: Aeria Games
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Official Site

Sword Art Online is a new free-to-play action MMORPG based on the popular Japanese novels and anime series with the same name. It is being developed by Aeria Games and Gamepot, a Japanese company acquired by Aeria earlier, and will be the “largest launch to date” with simultaneous release in both Japan and North America.


Sword Art Online is set in the same universe of the namesake anime, in which players will create their own anime fighters and embark on adventure with an attempt of reaching the game’s final floor in constantly updated content. The core concepts of RPG, action-packed combat and strong elements of Sandbox will be integral components. And signature anime characters like Kirito will be there to meet you and even aid you in battles.


Key Features:

  • An evolving world with regular updates introducing new levels of the tower and GM-run events
  • Unique character builds with an extensive 300 question personality quiz given upon creation
  • A player-created world where players construct towns and even fortresses, control them through weekly PvP battles, and set the rules of the land
  • One character, one server in the unified tale
  • Perma-death features

There is no further detail available for now. We’ll keep you updated in follow-up release.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sword-Art-Online/364902013618135

Forum Discussion: http://www.mmohunter.com/forums/sword-art-online-f207.html

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28 Comments on Sword Art Online


  1. lordjesus says:

    IS this really real?!:O

  2. Zayne says:

    This is going to be AWESOME XD

  3. xgodlikez says:

    If it real i dont have school this year anymore :D

  4. Lawsome says:

    All epic until i saw Perma-Death…

  5. AuXtrat says:

    why perma-death,why

    • LoneWolfe says:

      In keeping with the story for the anime and novels, where if you die, you're dead.

    • Aviisi says:

      Perma-death makes the game a lot more interesting cause you want to survive and that's what the game makers want is your you to think their game is interesting. It is a bit annoying though if you ask me.

  6. xxsaberxx says:

    Come one….the key features themselves are obvious enough…

    300 questions to create a character – this is BS.

    • highnight says:

      Really dude? Nothing is BS about this. Watch the Anime the characters were all made to fit the person exactly dowbn to the nose. 300 questions I think is a fair amount giving the details that should be put into making a character as close to you as they can. Not to mention Yes one character one server SWO is, for lack of better words, life. MMO's are supposed to take a player into a new world and let them grow inside that world but you cant have that when you can easily log out and run to something else. Your toon would be an extension of you and its worth protecting. All its faults you gave it, mistakes, accidents, awards, championships, achievements, ect. Will be on that character and youll never be able to hide it without dying first. Just like in real life You carry on and have to live with your choices period, no questions at all.

      • joe spence says:

        ya. but its not like we are gonna be wearing nearve gear.. and besides, its an anime. i dont believe that this game will be coming out in the near future unles the makers of the anime decided to actually work on something like this.. which they are too busy working on the TV show

  7. Ryonz says:

    well if real would be awesome

  8. chan says:

    i think i just died and went to heaven…..wait nvm its a game….wait is that Asuna?!? HOLY !@#!@$!@$!@#$#4

  9. Faculo says:

    Can someone make a log-out hack? :U

  10. Aoi says:


    lol hahaha

  11. KidPhantom says:

    is this .. real ? if yes , it is AWESOME~

  12. if only we have nerve gear :(

  13. Ryou says:

    this was old April Fools' joke
    besides, SAO is far too valuable for Aeria

  14. FrankyShare.Us says:

    Finally i can play the game.

  15. Ivan says:

    i thought it was real until i saw perma-death,i googled and found out it was an april fool's joke

  16. BrinkX182 says:

    LAME Aeria Games will ruin it they always do..they have an extremly bad habit of destroying everything they touch….so get rdy for SAO PAY TO WIN

  17. Malik says:

    I hack to kirito's stuff so I can beat the game I was one floor away

  18. NotExpectingMuch says:

    Well, you know if Aeria Games is going to publish it on their website it will be fraught with High Inflation, lots of account hacking and subsequent innocent victims of said hacking being irreparably banned perminantly. Let's face it, Aeria Games tends to half-ass more than their share of what should be common sense based tasks..

  19. scatman says:

    i say perma death would be amazing

  20. Kame Shireto says:

    Aeria games would never be able to make this. Just no. And it was an april fools joke.

  21. Emila says:

    If only some random Japanese company created Nerve-Gear…… THAT WOULD BE EPIC!

  22. jagger says:

    I really hope this is real I WANNA PLAY THIS NOWWWWWW



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