Tactical Intervention officially launched

TIME : 09th Oct 2013 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

New weapons and maps at launch; regular updates announced

Berlin, 9th October 2013: After a successful open beta phase Tactical Intervention is now live! Since the beta began at the end of August, a lot has changed in-game: four major updates were introduced implementing the feedback and suggestions of the beta testers, which made many improvements to the game. For the official start of the tactical first-person shooter, players now have access to additional content: various weapons, items and two new maps are waiting to be explored.

Tactical Intervention - Skyrise

Successful beta thanks to community feedback

With more than 200,000 registered players, the open beta was a complete success. Due to the extremely constructive feedback from the Community and e-sports clan MTF.Gaming, the originally scheduled mid-September launch was moved to early October. This allowed developer FIX Korea and publisher 1337 Games to implement the tester’s great suggestions in time for the release.

Tactical Intervention - Office

“As we are convinced that the game will occupy a permanent place in the e-sports scene, we started a T.I. team right after the release of the open beta,” said Robin Dreger, Managing Director of the Luxembourg e-sports clan MTF.Gaming. “The fact that the developers cooperate very closely with the community and that they implement their suggestions and proposals has convinced us. Therefore we will continue working with 1337 Games and help to further develop TI.”

Fire at will! New weapons incoming

The versatile arsenal of the multiplayer shooter has already been increased by four weapons during the beta. With the SA 58 Entry Assault Rifle and the Automatic XD45 Pistol terrorists and counter-terrorists now have two additional weapons available at release that extend their firepower.

Office and Skyrise – Two new maps

With the official launch, the map pool expands with two additional maps: On Skyline hostage rescue is the order of the day, while Office provides players fast-paced team death match action. In total there are eleven maps available; many others are on their way, including the previously leaked Airport and Monaco.

As publisher 1337 Games announces, new maps, weapons and equipment will be published periodically in the future forTactical Intervention.

Tactical Intervention can be downloaded directly via Steam and is completely free to play.


–          Action-based tactical shooter by Counter-Strike co-developer Minh Le

–          Team-based gameplay with lots of tactical elements and unique combat situations

–          Dozens of authentic weapons

–          Extensive equipment

–          Realistic scenarios

–          Combination of classical and new game modes

–          Drivable vehicles

–          Achievement system via Steam

–          Free-to-play


Title Tactical Intervention
Platform Microsoft Windows; Steam
Genre First-person-Shooter
Publisher 1337 Games
Developer FIX Korea
Release 2013-10-09
Website http://www.tactical-intervention.com/


The most recent news about the game is available on the official website www.tactical-intervention.com/ and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/tacticalintervention.