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Taikodom is a free-to-play sci-fi shooter MMO about epic space warfare and action-packed combat. Set in the 23rd century, the in-game interstellar warfare is about to break out between the Consortium and the Renegades, as one is determined to set order in the space exploration while the other pursues pioneering, adventurous liberty. Players as Resurrect newly awakened from their 150 years’ suspended animation have to make the first and foremost decision: which side to stand by.

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Key Features:

  • Combat: fight intense action-packed battles as you pilot your own ship and defeat enemies with skills and strategies – dodge fires and missiles in real time, blast afterburners to pursue prey or execute complicated maneuvers in inertial flight mode – thanks to the intuitive control
  • Progression: advance in one of three Careers – sneaky Suprressor, hulky Vanguard and balanced Assault – and utilize in its unique abilities and ships
  • Corporations: join or create a space-faring company and lead it to galactic prominence
  • PvP: encounter and pray the weak in unsafe regions of space, take part in the strategic Territory Conquest, or participate in an instanced Battlespace
  • Territory Conquest: gather friends, muster firepower and fight for control of the universe and its precious resources with massive warships
  • Mining: capture the vast bounty of the final frontier and challenge the most dangerous ones for the best asteroid mining opportunities
  • Crafting: collect raw resources, find blueprint and make items from weapons to warships to modifications of your own
  • Market: sell spoils for profit and purchase needed items with a good deal
  • F2P: play free forever

Build, pilot, customize and upgrade large strategic battleships, fight head-to-head intense combat in space, and control vast territories in Taikodom!

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