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Tales of Laputa

Tales of Laputa
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Publisher: NGames
  • Developer: NGames
  • Genre: ARPG
  • Official Site

Tales of Laputa is a new anime-styled web RPG in development under NGames, a leading web games developer in China that has made Pockie Pirates and Pockie Ninja II Original. The game takes place in the titular isles of Laputa, the center of the in-game world that witnesses the conflict and wars between humans and demons for decades as the two races are fighting for control over the land.

Tale of Laputa

Game Features:

  • Engage in fast-paced, turn-based combats
  • Summon units from a selection of over 300 anime-styled characters including swordsmen, mages, assassins, snipers, dragons and even singing plants to the battlefield
  • Make use of the special battle system and emerge victory by your accurate timing (of using skills) instead of the strongest skill set
  • Breed, train and toughen up your pets, more than 150 types in total, in the pet arena
  • Take challenging quests and crawl through dungeons to uncover the many hidden secrets of Laputa and collect loot
  • Look for greater challenges and deal with more ferocious monsters and bosses by raising your Rage Meter
  • Hang out and fight side by side with friends and guild members
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2 Comments on Tales of Laputa


  1. Suzy Takeda says:

    this game seem pretty fun..

    but i will never play a game321 game again..

  2. anon says:

    They changed the name to Tales of Solaris (maybe they picked up on the fact that "la puta" is quite offensive in several languages?). But if you've ever played an Asian MMORPG, you've played this one.

    The pets are pretty unique designwise, though the pet rating system generally ensures that unless you really like a certain pet, you're ending up with a dragon for damage or a doll for healing. It also seems that if you don't attend certain events, your character will be massively underpowered. Unfortunately, I don't feel like attending events that happen around 8 AM for me; as a result, I am one of the highest leveled players with one of the worst BPs. Thank god for optional PvP and generally considerate players though; player killing sprees are a rare occurrence (a blessing in a game where people with BP ratings above 40k share a PvP area with people below 500). The experience curve is killer; you'll hit a wall around level 60 and inch up ever so slowly. Same goes for skill points to level up your abilities (seriously, I need over 600k to get a skill to level 7).

    I've been playing this game so much that you'd think I'd recommend it, but I really don't. I have no idea why I still bother playing. Sure, the characters are pretty cute (actually, your character is kind of a huge loser), but half of what he/she/anybody says gets lost in translation. I honestly have no idea what half of the dialogue is about, nor why nearly everything must end in a question mark. It can make the (almost nonexistent) plot a bit hard to follow, and serious moments become…well, hilarious. Totally generic MMO? Yes. Horrible? No. Go play if you just need a timewaster, but try elsewhere otherwise.



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