Tank Domination Gets New Deserts Battleground

TIME : 20th Nov 2013 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

Game Insight, a global developer and publisher of mobile and social games, is excited to announce an all-new battleground for their soon to-be-released tank combat game, Tank Domination on iPad (additional platforms coming soon). The latest location, Arizona, presents players with an arid battleground that brings the heat of battle and the heat of the American Southwest to the game’s exciting brand of 10v10 tank action. Please find the complete press release below.

Tank Domination

Press Release:

Game Insight Reveals New Desert Battlegrounds for Tank Domination

The arid deserts of Arizona join the world’s first massively multiplayer tank simulator for mobile

MOSCOW & SAN FRANCISCO – November 20, 2013 – Game Insight, a global leader in the development and publishing of mobile and social games, has revealed an all-new location for their upcoming MMO tank combat game Tank Domination. The game’s brand new Arizona map (available after launch) brings the heat of battle and the heat of the American Southwest together in epic conflict. Tank Domination is currently available on the Russian Apple App Store, and has already become number 1 on the free-to-play charts.

Tank Domination takes place in a near-future scenario with the governments of the world toppled and the survivors locked in a desperate war over resources, fought with state-of-the-art mobile armor. Following its proclamation of independence, Arizona has become the target of the game’s three massive mercenary corporations vying for global domination. Ruteks was the first to locate an indispensable electronics and telecommunications plant in the Arizona Mountains, but unfortunately failed to keep it a secret from its rivals. Agents from Narumi needed only a brief window of time to intercept this valuable intel and had mercenaries deployed to the burning sands of Arizona soon after.

However, both corporations were surprised to find that a third rival, BioCore, had beaten them to the punch, having organized a base in the sector. While BioCore’s only interest originally appeared to be in the plant itself, the third corporation’s true objective was a secret control center for military satellites disguised as a harmless observatory. All three factions will converge on these criticial hotspots and duke it out in real-time, synchronous battles. Tank Domination will offer explosive multiplayer action in theaters of war all over the globe for up to 20 players at once, each armed with a massive hangar of mobile armor that includes tanks and artillery from the US, Europe, and Asia, The game will be completely free to play and debut on the iPad, with additional versions to come in the future.

A breakdown of the Arizona map with all-new screenshots, info, and details can be found at the Tank Domination website (tankdomination.com). Additionally, the website contains in-depth info and art assets, including screenshots and in-game videos, tank statistics and strategies, and contests to win exciting new prizes to celebrate the game’s upcoming launch!

For more information on Tank Domination, please visit the game’s website at tankdomination.com, and for all the latest updates, be sure to follow the game on Twitter and like on Facebook.

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