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Taptiles Saga: The Secret Scrolls

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March, 2013
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Taptiles Saga: The Secret Scrolls is a new free-to-play puzzle game available on Facebook. It presents a beautiful world full of wonder and color and it features a bunch of adorable magic guardians who need your help by solving puzzles.

Set in the magical land of Lumeria, the game tasks players with the mission of searching and rescuing magic guardians ripped away by a dark purple shadow while releasing magic energy back into the land all along the way at the same time. As tile tappers, players will use its wit to solve mahjong-piled puzzles at various maps and uncover the exciting story.

Taptiles Saga

Taptiles Saga is really simple to pick up. The basic gameplay is all about matching two tiles with the same image on them to eliminate them, with the usual star-rating score system. Players can pass a level when they successfully fulfill its objective and get at least one star. Based on that, the game derives a variety of objective-oriented puzzles to challenge players.

In a tricky puzzle, players can’t reach tiles blocked on both sides but need to match those with at least one free side to clear all tiles within the pre-set time limit. To solve a Chain puzzle, they don’t have the pressure from timer but need to make chain matching – match the same tiles many times in a row – to score high. The longer the chain, the more points they win. In both modes, fast matching will invariably add magic to the Magic Orb, which once full can be activated to release powerful magic to destroy more tiles in a puzzle.

As they move forward unlocking more levels, players will get more special tiles. The Stone tiles, for example, can’t be matched. They are more of a kind of blocking tiles, which slows down the matching speed and will disappear on their own when players clear the regular tiles, though there is a choice of breaking them by use of Pickaxe. To handle puzzles with stone piles, players need to take advantage of the rotation – rotate the tile structure by clicking the arrows on the screen or key arrows on the keyboard to show the different angles.

Similar to most puzzlers, it offers a series of helpful tools and power-ups that can be purchased to use. The Gold Dust Bottle can paint all tiles into gold so that they can be matched all at once; the Pickaxe can break stone tiles in several seconds when players are struck; and the Magic Orb offers the magic power to release in the initial. All these tools need to be purchased with real money – that’s where the game monetizes. Although there are some tools purchasable by the coins earned by playing, the most powerful and helpful are always premium.

Players can get to the final level of the first map pretty smoothly. Since then the interstitial Ads have begun to appear at every level. There is one way to get rid of them – you guessed it – still the real money. That is also when the social element stages. To enter the next map, players need to cross the river by finding a boatman, who can either be a Facebook friend or a hired hand for $1. Besides the tickets to new maps, the in-game social features from free gifting to leaderboard are just commonplace.

Taptiles Saga has finely interwoven the popular matching mechanic of Mahjong and Taptiles with a light-hearted adventure story. It depicts a beautiful world with over forty puzzles to play. Whether you want a challenge of logic, speed or strategy, you can jump into a quick match. Overall, it’s not innovative but fun-to-play and relaxing.

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