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Tata Blitz is a new and exciting free-to-play browser-based 2D third-person shooter with a lively comic-book style. Two rival corps, fierce shooting battles with a touch of humor, collection of maps and some role-playing elements – all are available in this upcoming title.

Tata Blitz

All is around the Doomsday of the Earth. An elite action team named Tata Blitz is created to hunt and eliminate spread powers of the devil, but the Daemons and people with evil intensions receiving powers from Doomsday Envoy won’t back off easily. Fierce war breaks out. To prevent the destruction of the Earth or to quicken the pace – it’s all your choice.

Players in the game can access a variety of maps from Egyptian pyramids to Dracula’s castle, all of which is depicted in a comic style though. The aesthetic seems to suit the taste of casual players more than hardcore. And it’s the same with the in-game character images and costumes, etc..

In-game combat is contracted and tense, with easy-to-learn controls. Players can attack in four directions, with three kinds of striking distances (remote, middle range and close range) and three damage modes (point, line and plane). Weapons, in turn, are in correspondence with the striking distances, categorized in three classes known as Firearms, Thrown and Melee. Among the many choices including pistols, rockets, grenade, dagger, etc., players will also find some unusual handy weapons – how about a saucepan and mobiles? With the large arsenal, players can select weapons in free collocation.

Casual shooters may find a lot to like in this light-hearted TPS. Pre-closed beta sign-up is live now at the official site.

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