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TauriWorld is a free-to-play multiplayer real-time strategy game on the web browser. The game features the conventional island-building simulation and strategic maneuver in warfare with an extensive dependency system and a multi-layered structure.


Players in the game will construct and develop their own island. Build 20 or so different buildings belonging to varied categories from production to intelligence to military, and upgrade them in consecutive levels to witness the progression via the great change in structure façade. Manage resources and land & flying units, create a strategic routine among platforms, and seek out for allies to strengthen each other and share fleets in war.

Players will also set up defensive structures and sail off attacking other islands. Ships and units can be manufactured in different buildings and dispatched to carry out different missions. Explore the world for resource deposits, spy on other islands, bombard other commanders’ platforms, and fight a massive battle by assembling the best formation of land and flying units as well as ally fleets.

Build and Battle in TauriWorld.