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Team Monster is a cartoony Action RPG richly featured with pet-raising, camp-building and real-time strategic battles. Set in beautiful and mysterious islands, the game sees players have their adventure conquer monsters and tame them into their own team of fighters.

Players in Team Monster will have tons of activities to engage around monsters. Collect more than 100 distinct monsters, build a team of your favorites, train them to unlock their special abilities, send the team of monsters to battles so as to level them up, and breed two different species to create new types. The rich variety of monster types offers deep strategy in the real-time combat. Prepare to be amazed with the stunning skill effects of every monster.

Team Monster

There are myriads of quests to keep players busy while many different characters will show up as the story unfolds. Players can travel to many distinct islands for exploration. Besides, Team Monster also contains a camp-building system which allows players to construct their own bases with diverse structures to unlock, build and upgrade with the purpose of further enhancing the monster performance. And it is also a place of socialization where friends can hang out and visit each other.

Key Features:

  • Explore a variety of beautiful islands of archipelago for adventure and fun
  • Collect more than 100 different monsters, each with unique appearance and abilities
  • Train monsters and build a powerful team to fight in battles
  • Create unique species by combining two different types of monsters
  • Build a home camp with various structures and features
  • Myriads of quests and a colorful cast of characters unlocked in the storyline
  • Venture into an infinite dungeon
  • Free-to-play with regular update of new contents

Team Monster is now available as a free download for Apple mobile phones and tablets. And its android version will come soon.