Team Play Pays Off – Official Tournament Series Starts in Tactical Intervention

TIME : 04th Dec 2013 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

Introduction Tournament on December 7

Quest system, new maps and character models announced

Berlin, December 4 2013: When the team-based multiplayer shooter, Tactical Intervention, launched in October, many e-sports clans added it to their line-up. In cooperation with the community, publisher 1337 Games and developer FIX Korea have been working continuously on the implementation of an optimal tournament system, which is now being called to action for the first time publicly.

Tactical Intervention

Tactical Intervention goes eSports

Players who want to showcase their skills in a competitive environment now have the perfect opportunity. On December 21, the first tournament of the Tactical Intervention WinterClash is going to take place. The online tournament offers regular matches for players from all over Europe. Teams will face each other in bombing scenarios across a variety of maps with winners taking home cash prizes. All details about entering the tournament and the full competition rules can be found at

New Missions

With the introduction of a quest system, Tactical Intervention will become even more varied. By completing missions players can earn badges, gear, weapons, perks and other valuable items. Assignments will vary in duration and scope: daily quests are acquired with Game Points and include smaller missions. In addition, players can also decide to take on larger quests; the objectives will be far more extensive and more difficult to master, but also promise greater rewards!

Five new Maps

As announced, FIX Korea and 1337 Games are constantly working on new maps. In addition to the already published maps Inner City, Castalla and Airport – a bombing scenario that has instantly become became one of the most popular maps – the next battlegrounds are nearly ready for release: In Milan, players must place and defuse bombs throughout gorgeous renaissance buildings, while Monaco has players swerving through midnight traffic in wild car chases.

New looks

Tactical Intervention now offers more opportunities to customize the look of the characters. The existing character models were supplemented by four additional ones with more to follow in the upcoming weeks. But that’s not all, weapons will also be receiving a facelift, with skins currently in the works for all weapons. More information can be found soon at

The most recent news about the game and the online tournament is available on the official website and on Facebook at